Welcome to St. Joseph English Teaching High School
OPEN TIME:09:00 - 15:00 Saturday and Sunday - Closed


My dear Josephite Family,

Welcome, once again, back to school after an invigorating holiday, rejuvenated in mind and body to embrace whole heartedly, your school’s glorious 75th year of quality education aimed at achieving excellence in academic, sports and humanitarian values which will enable us to foster and work for a just society. We have already ushered in the 75th year, with a grand, scintillating launch of our Diamond jubilee celebration on 18th December,2010, with a very meaningful Eucharist and prayer service of thanksgiving to the Almighty, from whom all good things come and to whom all good goes.

2011 will aptly be for all of us, you and me a year of Thanksgiving to God, and to all those whom we owe our gratitude, for bringing this institution to its pinnacle of glory and hopefully enabling us to be effective as ‘leaven in the dough’ ushering in an era of growth, integrity and honesty. God has blessed us with efficient and effective teachers guiding and mentoring us in a world that is more challenging today. We have tried to use education as a tool to develop the holistic character of a child, deeply aware of her/ his dignity as a child of God and be a sister/ brother to all humanity.

2011 is also a year of double blessing, for us; The beatification of Our dear Mother Maria Clara, the foundress, of the Franciscan Hospitallers Sisters who have established this institution one among 150 institutions engaged in all forms of service in all the five continents. Mother Maria Clara will be beatified and declared blessed on 21st May, 2011. Beatification is a stage in the process of recognizing and acknowledging the holiness of a person, through a miracle of healing which is scientifically unexplainable. Ms. Georgina Monteagudo, was miraculously healed of gangrenous pioderma of a chronic nature, a long drawn out illness that affected her for 34 years. She had recourse to Mother Maria Clara whose picture she used to tie between her bandages. The doctor judged and admitted the severity of the sickness and the inadequate therapies applied, affirmed that the cure of Ms. Georgina was sudden, complete and lasting. Her deep faith in Mother Clara was blessed by God.

I pray that all those who are sick and ailing in our families may find healing and comfort, through the intercession of Blessed Maria Clara.

In 2011, I humbly want to place on record the services of our Pioneer Sisters who have laid the foundation of our august institution, both in concrete, brick and mortar, and in the hearts of our alumni. Foremost among these is Sr. Maria da Graca in 1936 , who is no more with us, The most popularly remembered – the architect of the front building is our dear Mother Amata, who has been the builder of this institution in more way than one. Rev.Dr. Anet Satvedi in his Doctoral thesis writes” The visionary principal, with faith in God, hard work and faithful dedication along with the staff raised funds penny by penny, to accommodate the rising enrolment of students.” Till date more than 4000 students has passed out of these hallowed portals, with flying colours and achieved stardom in their chosen field of work. Our students are well placed across the globe, many of whom I had the privilege to meet on my visit to the U.S.A. and Canada in September, 2010. I wish to express my gratitude to the Principals and Sisters and teachers who followed, for their contribution in making this institution what it is today, and my heartfelt thanks to the parents for their generosity, which enabled me to build a new primary section.

And you dear teachers and students and parents who are an integral part of the institution must carry on the legacy bequeathed to us by our Pioneers. Let us not fail them but continue giving of our best and let life do the rest! Let us strive to be women and men of integrity and justice, balanced in judgment and behaviour worthy of a child of God sisters and brothers to all.

Let’s gear up for the closing ceremony of our Diamond Jubilee. Participate whole heartedly in the programmes chalked out for the Diamond Jubilee Year 2011, for you are the fortunate ones to celebrate this glorious Jubilee Year. Your collaboration at every step will make this year a memorable one. You are the rising stars of morrow!

Invoking God’s abundant blessing on all of you.

I remain your servant in Christ.