Welcome to St. Joseph English Teaching High School
OPEN TIME:09:00 - 15:00 Saturday and Sunday - Closed

The Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception are members of a Roman Catholic religious institute of consecrated women, which was founded in Portugal in 1871. We follow the Rule of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis and as the term “hospitaller” indicates, focus our ministries on a spirit of medical care. Our charism emphasizes hospitality and service under the model of the Good Samaritan. In our congregation, the post nominal initials used after each Sister's name is "F.H.I.C."

The Sisters’ mission, as expressed by our foundress, Mother Maria Clara, is “WHERE THERE IS GOOD TO BE DONE, DO IT.” These words have paved the way for a large variety of apostolates including education, catechesis, healthcare, pastoral work, assisting the elderly, missionary work, running orphanages, assisting immigrants, and assisting the homeless.

The daily prayer life of the sisters in this order consists of Mass, an hour of Eucharistic adoration, Liturgy of the Hours, and the Rosary.

Staff:The school has a long dedicated staff.

Along with the academics extra curriculum activities are held month wise.
June – Dedicated to our foundress Blessed Maria Clara of the Child Jesus – Birth Anniversary is celebrated on 15th June
July – Family - Parents and Grandparents.
August – Constitutional Values – Justice, Fraternity and Brotherhood
September – Save the Girl Child
October – Ecology
November – Prayer
December – Peace
January – Constitutional Values
February  –
March – Patron of the school - St. Joseph
Award:Certificates are awarded to those exactly in academics as well as curricular and extra curriculum activities.
Eco Club: Students are conscientized them the Eco Club to care for the environment. Saplings are collected from the Forest Department and every member is given one to plant.
This year our students collaborated with the students of Devalay School and planted saplings of fruit trees in their campus.
Street plays are staged to create awareness on various issues in the General Public.
Inter-school Competitions: Students participate in Inter School Quiz Competitions, Essay writing Competitions, Poster making competitions, Drawing and Painting, Elocution, Science exhibition.
Prayer Services are conducted on every occasion such as feast days.
Admission is open to all without any discrimination to the Pre-primary is based on age. Students coming from different background, cultures, faith, all study under one roof, under the mantle of St. Joseph.
Being a minority school first preference is given to Christians.
At the Secondary level-subjects offered are :
St.  Joseph Convent High School comprises of 12 standards and prepares pupils for the Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination in Science and Commerce Streams conducted by Gujarat State Education Board.

The course of Secondary Education offers the following subjects.
    1)    English
    2)    Regional Language : Gujarati
    3)    National/classical Language : Hindi / Sanskrit
    4)    Science & Technology
    5)    Mathematics
    6)    Social Science

    Optional Subjects:
    1)    Drawing    
    2)    Physical Education
    3)    Computer Education

The course of Higher Secondary Education, Science stream offers the following subjects.
    1)    English
    2)    Computer Education
    3)    Physics
    4)    Chemistry
    5)    Mathematics/Biology
    6)    Physical Education    
    7)    Chemical Technology

The course of Higher Secondary Education, Commerce stream offers the following subjects.
    1)    English
    2)    Gujarati
    3)    Book keeping and Accounts
    4)    Statistics
    5)    Economics
    6)    Business Management / Organisation of Commerce
    7)    Computer Education
    8)    Physical Education
    9)    Chemical Technology

School Uniform:

Pre-Primary Section

Boys                                                                                  Girls
Half-pant: Red                                                                     Frock:    Navy blue checks
Shirt:        Navy blue checks    

Socks: White    , Shoes: Black, Tie & belt: Red, Winter Sweater & trousers: Red

Std. I - X

Boys                                                                                 Girls
Half-pant (Std. I - VII): Peacock blue                                     Pinafore: Peacock blue
Full-pant (Std. VIII – X):Peacock blue
Shirt:    White with blue stripes

Socks, Tie & belt, Sweater & trousers: Peacock blue;   Shoes: Black

Std. XI and XII

Boys                                                                                Girls
Full-pant (Std. I - VII): Grey                                                 Skirt:  Grey
Shirt:    White with grey stripes

Socks, Tie & belt, Sweater: Grey; Shoes: Black

P.T. Uniform

Housewise track suit ;    Socks: White ;    Shoes: White canvas

Healthy food and healthy eating are encouraged.
Hall:    Libania and Raimundo Halls are equipped with the latest gadgets.
CCTV: Cameras are located in every nook and corner.